3 Types of Texas Hold’em to Play at an Online Casino

Texas Hold’em is the most popular form of poker, both online and in casinos.  It’s no surprise this is the case considering the WSOP main event is played in this format. But did you know there are multiple ways of playing Texas Hold’em? In this post we will share the three ways you can play it so perhaps you will try a different way next time?

No Limit Texas Hold’em

No limit is unquestionably the most common form of Hold’em played around the world. It allows players to put their entire stack in at any moment. The “all in” element has made it the most complex but also most fun version to play. If you’ve never played online poker, this is the default version you can expect to find at a trusted online casino Malaysia.

Limit Texas Hold’em

Before the poker boom in the noughties, Texas Hold’em games were mostly played in fixed limit form. This is where the betting is at fixed levels until the turn or river where bets are doubled. This game still garners interest online although it is far less popular and is mostly played in mixed game formats in the 2020s.

Pot Limit Hold’em

This variant is similar to no limit but you can only ever bet the pot size. This aspect makes it just as fun as no limit but arguably more skill based as you can’t just say “all in” at any one time. In the UK, most cash games were played in pot limit form until recent years where no limit has become the norm. There are practically no pot limit hold’em games online these days but you can still find tournaments in this form if you look around.

There you have it, three forms of Texas Hold’em for you to try!

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